Lee’s Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning 3 Winter Carpet Maintenance Tips for Nanaimo Businesses and Homes


It is that time of year again on Vancouver Island and temperatures are dropping. It won’t be long until the snow is covering the ground and rain falls daily. With seemingly no end in sight, this means your carpets are in for some rough treatment.

During the Nanaimo winter, your family, employees, and customers track snow, dirt, sand, and salt inside. All that junk ends up inside and all over your carpets. Water and dirt is a problem and without properly caring for your carpets cause irreversible damage. As a result, the effects of a Vancouver Island winter on your carpet will last long after the rain has stopped.

Here are my top three winter carpet maintenance tips to help business and homeowners.

       1.Carpet mats

The best way to prevent tracking snow and slush into your building is by wiping your feet. Carpet entry mats are excellent for trapping dirt and absorbing moisture before stepping onto the carpet. Adding visible “Please wipe your feet” signs can also encourage guests to do so. Entry mats can easily be washed or professionally steam cleaned by our carpet cleaning company.

       2. Vacuuming

The city of Nanaimo, local business and homeowners toss sand, gravel, and salt onto roads and pavement. This adds add traction in winter and is effective for preventing slips and falls. This however also leads to sand, pebbles, and salt on your carpet. These particles damage the carpet fibers if a deep clean carpet cleaner hasn’t been used. Making sure you increase your vacuuming and general carpet care frequency during the winter months helps prevent carpet deterioration.

       3. Professionally steam clean carpets

In addition to slush, sand, moisture, and rocks, another winter-related problem is salt and ice melting on your carpets. When salt mixes with snow and rain, it leaves a chalky, white residue on your carpet when water evaporates. If these areas are left uncleaned, salt stains can be permanent. This leads to carpet replacement or repairs.

To help prevent this from happening, make sure you call our powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning company in Nanaimo. We remove ice melt, sand, pebbles and salt residue from your carpet before it becomes a problem.