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The Best way to clean your carpet?

Carpet cleaning is a topic of much confusion.  In fact, there are so many misconceptions about carpet cleaning and it may be difficult choosing the best carpet cleaning company in Nanaimo?

Dirt is abrasive to your carpet fibers and acts like sandpaper, this causes damage to the carpet fibers every time you walk on them.  For this reason, high traffic areas will wear quicker and look worn sooner. The lifespan of a dirty carpet is much shorter than the lifespan of clean carpet.  Although routine vacuuming will help, it is not enough to remove dirt and other contaminants at the base of the carpet.

We all know the outdoor environment contains contaminants such as air pollution, pollen, bacteria, fungus, cigarette smoke and car exhaust. These contaminants are walked onto your carpet and become embedded. Only steam cleaning is effective enough to draw out these contaminants from carpet fibers at the base. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 different chemical compounds, and 43 of them are known to cause cancer. Even if you don’t smoke, these chemicals still get tracked into homes. If you suffer from Allergies, asthma or breathing problems you may experience some relief after having your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned by Lee’s Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning.

At Lees’ we use a truck mounted steam cleaning extraction system that utilizes hot water, pressure, and shampoo to clean carpets. Our steam cleaning service is the most advanced method of shampooing carpet. For this reason, we can confidently stake our claim as Nanaimo’s best steam cleaning company.

Lee's carpet cleaning

Our local office
Our Vancouver island mobile carpet cleaning service areas include:
Nanaimo, Lantzville, Nanoose, Parksville, and Ladysmith. Our mobile carpet cleaning service uses a truck mounted hot water steam clean extraction system that can “go anywhere” to clean carpets including out of town and rural areas.

Cleaning carpets in Nanaimo since 1948

Lee’s Nanaimo carpet cleaning is a one-truck company that has been serving Nanaimo and surrounding areas since 1948. We have one goal in mind, deliver the best carpet cleaning on Vancouver Island. Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning is proud to remain the trusted family owned, value-focused local carpet cleaning service in Nanaimo since 1948. Our Passion for removing stains from carpet and earning the trust of each of our valuable clients is what drives us. Local families, businesses and property managers in and around Nanaimo benefit from our local Nanaimo carpet cleaning service. Let us show you how we provide affordable carpet cleaning and remain the best carpet cleaning service in Nanaimo.

Our process

After arriving at your home we steam clean your carpets with very hot water from our truck via an extraction wand and pump vacuum power unit. A cleaning solution is injected with pressure, deep into the carpet fibers through water jet nozzles. This process will loosen embedded soil and remove oil/grease deposits. This is the best way to clean your carpets.

Our Products

The shampoo we use is manufactured in Canada and sourced locally. These carpet cleaning solutions are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and citrus scented. Formulated to be used on all types of carpet and upholstery for maximum dirt and grease removal.

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