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Carpet Cleaning Myths

by | Nov 23, 2020

Exposing 3 Myths About  Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning carpets on Vancouver Island, BC most people don’t think much past vacuuming. However, what they don’t know is that this misconception can lead to expensive consequences for your carpet. To help protect the look and longevity of your carpets in your business or home, Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning exposed 3 common myths about  carpet cleaning.

1.) “I just bought my carpet last year, I don’t need to clean it”

One of the most common misconceptions about carpet care is that you don’t need to clean your carpet until it starts to look dirty. Unfortunately, however, by the time your carpet starts to show the effects of the dirt, dust, and other debris, it may be too late. When small pieces of dirt get caught in your carpet, the constant movement of your feet grinds these particles into the protective fibers of your carpeting, causing the fibers to break down. This movement adds up over time, and little by little your carpet will start to break down and the dirt will actually bond itself to the carpet fibers causing a permanent dirt patch.

2.) “I don’t need my carpet cleaned by someone, I can just rent a machine myself”

Nowadays, you can run to their nearest home improvement store and rent your own carpet cleaning machines. Although this option seems quick, cheap and relatively easy, it can cause damage to your carpet. The problem with these machines is that they put a lot of un-heated water into the carpet but do not have the sufficient suction to take it back out. Not only does this take your carpet longer to dry, it could also lead to mold, mildew, and damage to your carpet’s backing. In addition to the potential damage caused by the rental machines, consumer stain removers and carpet cleaning formulas sold along side these rentals can be expensive and damaging. In fact, these products will remove color from roughly 33% of all carpets on the market.

3.) “I can keep my carpet fresh with a sprinkle-on carpet deodorizer”

Another common household product and potential disaster for your carpet is sprinkle-on carpet deodorizers contain talcum powder that do not dissolve in water. After using this powder several times, the talcum powder will accumulate and become embedded in your carpet. Despite vacuuming, some powder will be left behind. The next time you clean your carpets, water will mix with the talcum powder, dry, and leave very noticeable white stains on top of the carpet.

Taking proper care of your carpets is no easy task. By making sure your carpets are properly cleaned with Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning truck mount steam system an average of once every 6 months, not only will you provide a great aesthetic appearance to your workplace or home, but you’ll also save huge money on long term carpet replacement costs. Call or E-mail the carpet cleaning expert at Lee’s Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning for your next carpet cleaning and discover the difference that Nanaimo’s top  Google 5 star rated carpet care business can make in your home or business.