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How to remove pet stains?

by | Nov 4, 2020

How to remove pet stains from carpet and upholstery

The best way to remove pet stains from carpet is to act immediately! soaking up the “accident” prevents the stain from developing and becoming a permanent mark on your carpets. But often the urine is not discovered until after the accident. The urine content can differ depending on the age of the animal, diet and overall health. For these reasons, some urine stains are difficult, if not impossible to remove. The only effective way to remove, or at least have a chance at removing dark pet stains is to use a powerful commercial grade carpet cleaning extraction system. The most important thing to remember is not to over wet the carpet. Doing so will surely result in the stain traveling further into the carpet fibers, backing, and underlay. This is the major difference between using domestic hire machines or in the case of many other carpet cleaning companies in Nanaimo, weak portable suction machines, shampooers or dry cleaners!

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Our system for removing stubborn pet stains:

https://nanaimocarpetcleaning.comThe only effective way to remove stubborn, dark pet stains from carpets and upholstery in Nanaimo and other areas of Vancouver Island is to engage a truck mounted carpet cleaning company. Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning have been using a steam clean extraction system attached to their truck since 1948. This powerful system involves applying a non-bleach, non-lanolin environmentally friendly detergent to the affected areas. After applying the detergent solution our technician and owner David will prepare his truck mounted suction equipment.

Powerful and environmentally friendly!

Don’t believe the other companies who try to discredit our steam clean extraction system! Just because we turn up with a powerful and professional truck mounted carpet cleaning system doesn’t mean it is harmful to the environment. Our steam clean extraction system is powered by propane gas, not diesel or gasoline fuel. So unless competitors are arriving on a bicycle our truck mounted carpet cleaning system is no less harmful to the environment than their vans or cars.

Delicate yet powerful cleaning!

Many local carpet cleaning companies in Nanaimo and all over the world use a portable system for ease of use and a quick turn around. These small machines can easily be carried into the home and but are far less effective at removing even the smallest pet stains. Our system is powered using propane gas and remains a permanent fixture on our truck. After applying our environmentally friendly pet stain remover, owner David will begin to power up the extraction system and carefully carry non-marking hose into your home. This setup time allows the detergent to gently react with urine stains within the carpet fibers and begins to break them down. Once David has carefully laid out the hose, using guards to ensure he will not mark walls, he begins the steam cleaning process. This method will remove the detergent and the stains/urine along with it. The finished carpet will be clean with a slight citrus smell.

Compare our results!

Many of our clients have been with us since 1948, particularly commercial property managers and business owners. The reason we have been the preferred carpet cleaning company in Nanaimo are the results we provide. While other companies come and go offering cheap rates with inferior results, we stay true to our proven methods for removing pet stains from carpet. If we cant remove pet stains from carpet, no-one can!