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Upholstery cleaning Nanaimo, BC

The Original Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning!

Since 1948!

Upholstery Cleaning

Residential Upholstery Cleaners in Nanaimo, BC.

Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning is a family run, independent carpet and upholstery cleaning company that has been in Nanaimo, BC since 1948!.  Owner operator Jason offers competitive fixed pricing for both residential and commercial properties. Many of our clients have been using our service since 1948!
Our truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning system is the most advance and effective fabric cleaning system available.  We come to you with our mobile, commercial grade, steam clean extraction system.
Owner Jason has been producing exceptional results for Nanaimo Upholstery cleaning using Eco, pet and child friendly upholstery cleaning solutions.  He keeps prices low with no hidden fees in competitive pricing!  Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning results are guaranteed, and make sure you are happy before they leave.

Upholstery cleaning
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Residential Upholstery Cleaners

The truck mounted system !

We are the original and best carpet & upholstery cleaning company on Vancouver Island,  an upholstery cleaner you can trust!  Only the best upholstery cleaning companies in Nanaimo use the steam cleaning extraction system, as recommended by Shaw Industries.  Steam cleaning extraction(also known as hot water extraction) combines 210 degree heated water with high pressure to thoroughly rinse fabrics.  This process extracts dirt, bacteria and dust mites from lounges, sofas, chairs, rugs and cushions, leaving a fresh citrus smell.

Upholstery Cleaners Nanaimo

Our results speak for themselves

We have dozens of 5 star reviews and hundreds of happy clients which is why we are the first choice for cleaning your upholstery.  Our aim is to be as personable and friendly while cleaning and creating a healthy environment for you and your family.  Owner Jason understands he is entering your home and will respect your health and safety, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Our upholstery cleaning products and solutions are the best available to the cleaning industry and provide exceptional results, while also being 100% Eco-friendly.  Our truck mounted extraction system is a greener alternative other Nanaimo upholstery cleaning systems.

We are bonded, licensed, insured, and fully covered by Work Safe BC.  Our competitive pricing guarantees you will be receiving the best value for money upholstery cleaning in Nanaimo!



What types of upholstery do we clean?

We clean all types of residential and commercial upholstery including, lounge suites, cushions and rugs.

What upholstery cleaning services do you offer?

We have a variety of equipment that can professionally clean your home, RV, furniture, upholstery and vehicles.


Why choose us?

Nanaimo carpet cleaning has been providing an honest, reliable and professional upholstery cleaning service to business owners and property managers since 1948.  We provide an advanced furniture cleaning process that leaves no sticky residue often found with other commercial cleaning processes. We use environmentally friendly, non toxic detergents to effectively clean the most soiled commercial carpets.

What do we charge?

Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Nanaimo is the foundation of our business.  We can complete large commercial buildings, apartments, stores and residential homes.  Our prices for residential furniture cleaning start at $150 as a minimum charge for 1 standard size lounge suite(maximum 3 pieces) for our 3 step cleaning process.

Owner Jason uses an effective steam cleaning extraction system that is powerful to remove the toughest stains while also protecting your valuable upholstery.

No hidden fees! Our quoted price is what you will be charged.

Our guarantee?

Our upholstery cleaning guarantee ensures you’ll get great results without spending more. We guarantee clean upholstery covered furniture or we will return and re-clean at no cost.  We confident that our powerful truck mounted hot water steam clean extraction system will clean your upholstery or we will do it again.

Steam vs Dry Cleaning?

There are 2 primary methods of residential upholstery cleaning in Nanaimo. These methods are called Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning ExtractionMany people believe that dry cleaning your furniture is like dry cleaning your clothes. This is not true, all furniture cleaning methods use water. There are currently 3 types of upholstery dry cleaning available.

Dry Cleaning;

dry-chemical cleaning involves applying a dry powder chemical to rugs before buffing with a with a machine and terry cloth bonnet attachment that is supposed to absorb the dirt. Unfortunately, this rug cleaning method is similar to using a towel to remove dirt from your rugs or hall runners. Another form of dry cleaning is applying a foam or powder chemical to rugs prior to then using a vacuum to suck out the products.   This results in residual soap remaining in your rugs and furniture.  Dry upholstery cleaning is not considered an effective fabric cleaning process by industry professionals.

Steam Cleaning;

Steam clean extraction is the choice for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning companies that value their clients.  The only way to effectively remove dirt and stains from carpets is to apply an Eco-friendly pre-spray detergent to brake down grease and oils embedded in fabrics.  Once the stains have been dissolved, hot water is used to rinse and sanitize upholstery removing dirt and stains with it.  Finally a power vacuum is used to remove excess water.  Only a truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaner can effectively clean and sanitize your home furniture.

locally owned

Owner Jason is a local family man that supports local Nanaimo businesses. All materials, fuels, and products are purchased from local Nanaimo distributors.


Licensed and insured?

We are licensed by the city of Nanaimo including also Ladysmith and Parksville.  We are covered by a full public liability insurance policy and work safe BC.

Our Three Step RV Upholstery Cleaning Process?

We use a truck mounted hot water extraction system that consists of three stages;

Stage one involves a pre-spray that is applied to the furniture while we set up our hoses and equipment.  This allows the non-toxic detergent to breakdown grease and stains prior to extraction.

Stage two involves rinsing the upholstery fabric with hot water and Eco-friendly detergent to remove dirt and debris through the layers of fabric.

Stage Three is a final pass over with our powerful truck mounted suction that removes excess water from your furniture. This prevents molding after cleaning your upholstery, which is common with smaller portable equipment.  Portable carpet cleaning systems used by other premier carpet cleaning companies are not accepted by many apartment complex managers and other commercial properties in Nanaimo and other areas of Vancouver Island, BC.

RV cleaners

Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Island, BC.

Why Choose us?

Family owned and operated for unmatched customer service and satisfaction.  We have been cleaning carpets and more in Nanaimo and other mid Vancouver Island areas for 7 decades!

Eco-friendly!  Our products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and leave a fresh citrus smell.


Guaranteed results!  We ensure you are happy with our carpet cleaning results before we leave your home, or we reclean!

Peace of mind.  We are licensed, insured, bonded and driven to offer the best carpet cleaning in Nanaimo and other mid island areas on Vancouver Island,BC.


Transparent and upfront with our prices!  Our quotes have no hidden fees.  Nanaimo Carpet Cleaning is reliable and honest!

10% Seniors Discount

Present your seniors card for an instant 10% off the quoted price!

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